Privacy and Security

Personal Details

We fully respect the privacy of all users of our hall and anyone else that contacts us. We are committed to protecting your rights.

Only essential contact details required for operational purposes, such as name, address and email address, will be kept in our records. Any such personal data retained by us will not under any circumstances be made available to any other company or person.

If at any time you wish to have your details removed from our contact list, just let us know and it will be actioned as soon as possible.


We do not currently make use of any cookies on this website. No data is collected.

What are cookies? - they are small text files that are saved to the hard drive by your web browser. Most websites use them to some extent. In themselves cookies do not pose any threat to your security, but they can be used to transfer information, particularly about your web activity.

General Communication Security

Our web and email services are hosted by a reputable UK company who utilise stringent security measures, well above industry average.